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10 Mar, 2015

Hygiene Services | Best Advice for Hotels, Restaurants & Hospitality

It is easy to see why hygiene services are a must in hotels, restaurants and other hospitality businesses. So to find a company that specialises in and takes responsibility for your hygiene services, including the removal of waste and the provision of air care, soap, sanitizers and matting is important. A good services provider should take responsibility for your washrooms, releasing time for your staff to focus on your customers and ensure they have an amazing experience during their visit. There is a saying “toilets are not on the high priority list until something goes wrong”. How true is this? Many establishments provide their clients with questionnaires to give feedback on their restaurant or hotel experience. This will include the washroom facilities and general hygiene of the establishment.

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2 Mar, 2015

Commercial Entrance Mats | Benefits for the Hospitality Sector

Within the Hospitality Sector commercial entrance mats are an important product to have – of course many of the benefits highlighted can also be said to apply to all workplaces. The main purpose of commercial entrance mats or dust mats are to prevent the spread of dirt from outside being brought into the workplace. An entrance mat will remove up to 80% of the dirt coming into buildings. This is a great investment as it will save on daily cleaning costs – especially in high traffic areas and extend the life span of your carpets. It will also ensure your establishment remains tidy and clean. Maintaining a clean environment is highly important when dealing with the public as it will help with repeat business.

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20 Feb, 2015

Education Sector | Hygiene Solutions for School Toilets

As a Consultant for Mint, I specialise in providing hygiene solutions for schools and colleges. Schools toilets have specific needs and high foot fall which means they require a comprehensive rental service agreements and highly durable & effectve products. It is important to remember why we put so much emphasis on hygiene in our schools and why we employ civil servants to continually develop new guidelines for school hygiene. Poor hygiene in school toilets can aid the transfer of bacteria and cause sickness amongst our school children and staff.

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6 Jan, 2015

Hygiene Control | Airborne bacteria eliminated by Air Steril

Restaurants, offices, cinemas, schools, nurseries and especially Healthcare faclities are some of the places where the appearance of bacteria can be difficult to control. The challenge for hygiene control is to stop the spread of bacteria causing illness and bad odour.  It has been scientifically proven that bacteria can multiply from one to more than 8 million in less than 24 hours, so infections are rapidly spread when transferred by the touch of contaminated objects.

Bad odours can also have a negative impact on your business and affect sales and profit. In Healthcare it may attract poor Care Quality Commission reports, and with the number of patients, visitors and workers in your building; airborne bacteria can easily cause infection that will rapidly be transmitted from one person to another, making hygiene control difficult.

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4 Dec, 2014

Hygiene Control | Comparison of Soap versus Hand Sanitizer

Washing your hands is easy to do and is scientifically proven to be one of the most effective ways of hygiene control and prevents the spread of many types of infection and illnesses that surrounds our everyday life. From being at work or home or to a hospital - clean hands stops germs from spreading. The two main ways in which we do this is the conventional soap and water, and nowadays the new Hand Sanitizer. The question is though which is the more effective for hygiene control?

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24 Nov, 2014

Sanitary Bins | Are automatic or manual sanitary disposal bins best?

Sanitary bins come in a variety of shapes and sizes but a key area of discussion is the benefits of using manual or automatic sanitary bins.


The aim of any type of sanitary bins are to ensure the waste is disposed of with as little cross-contamination as possible. With this in mind there is a clear case for the hands-free units to be a great benefit to customers as it completely nullifies the need to touch the unit.


Reducing cross-contamination is essential for any organisation not just because people will feel more comfortable using the sanitary bins but also because it will reduce sickness in the workplace saving money for the company too.


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18 Nov, 2014

Hygiene Supplies | Is your Order Process efficient and cost effective?

Buying hygiene supplies on a regular basis, done badly, can be a waste in time and money. Ordering hygiene supplies can be a task performed by different individuals depending on the type and size of organisation.


The first thing is to make sure this task is allocated to the right individual. For example: facilities managers negotiate prices and deals but should not be tasked with the ordering process as there is a cost of opportunity missed if they do it. Why? Because the time they spend ordering could be used to reduce other costs and/or find better deals. Also, the cost per hour of a facilities manager is higher compared to an admin assistant.

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10 Nov, 2014

Sharps Bin | Do I need sharps bins for my premises?

If you are a business or organisation with employees, customers or visitors, the simple answer is yes! Sharps bins are a legal requirement for any public place. Most often these are found in the healthcare sectors, and medical rooms in schools and public buildings. With self-administered medications now commonplace, it is more and more important for public buildings to have sharps bins in their bathrooms.


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