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Commercial Entrance Mats | Benefits for the Hospitality Sector

Posted by Amelia Styles on 2 Mar, 2015

Within the Hospitality Sector commercial entrance mats are an important product to have – of course many of the benefits highlighted can also be said to apply to all workplaces. The main purpose of commercial entrance mats or dust mats are to prevent the spread of dirt from outside being brought into the workplace. An entrance mat will remove up to 80% of the dirt coming into buildings. This is a great investment as it will save on daily cleaning costs – especially in high traffic areas and extend the life span of your carpets. It will also ensure your establishment remains tidy and clean. Maintaining a clean environment is highly important when dealing with the public as it will help with repeat business.




Another benefit of an entrance mat is health and safety. As we all know in the UK, weather can be unpredictable. When raining, slip hazards become a real concern for hotels, restaurants and other hospitality venues. The health and safety of customers is of upmost importance to avoid injuries. Entrance mats will prevent water collecting on the floors as people enter from outside which can cause slips or falls.


Entrance mats come in a variety of sizes and can be custom made to suit your establishment. It is important when looking at mats for your site that you consider that the entrance mat is one of the first things people see when entering your building and can be great for promoting a good clean image if properly maintained. Having your company logo on the mats is a good way of promoting yourselves to the public and potential customers. In the same way can present a negative image if you have dirty mats that are worn.


There is the option of purchasing the entrance mats outright for your requirements but this can be costly if you are having to replace them often after getting worn. For high traffic areas, getting your commercial entrance mats on a Rental Service Agreement is a great option. Service companies will offer a laundering service for your entrance mats to ensure they are kept in good condition. If you have standard size commercial entrance mats then any worn mats will be taken out of production and replaced with new mats when needed so you can be sure that the mats you have are always fresh and of a good standard. If you have logo mats or special size mats these can also be run through a service in which the order is doubled up when the mats are designed and manufactured, so you have one set on site and one set out for laundering.


If you are considering having commercial entrance mats at your establishment and would like further information, please contact us to speak to one of our expert consultants.


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Authored by Amelia Styles of Mint Hygiene Ltd


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