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Posted by David Fulbrook on 20 Feb, 2015

As a Consultant for Mint, I specialise in providing hygiene solutions for schools and colleges. Schools toilets have specific needs and high foot fall which means they require a comprehensive rental service agreements and highly durable & effectve products. It is important to remember why we put so much emphasis on hygiene in our schools and why we employ civil servants to continually develop new guidelines for school hygiene. Poor hygiene in school toilets can aid the transfer of bacteria and cause sickness amongst our school children and staff.


Lets not forget, Hygiene (which comes from the Greek word, Hygieia) is a set of practices performed for the preservation of life. Unfortunately, in popular culture it is understood to mean merely “cleanliness”. For example, if there is a bad smell in the toilet or washroom area, most people deem it to be unclean. In fact is it is actually evidence that bacteria is present! Anything from poor cleanliness, inadequate storage of waste, dirty mops, drains, bodily waste all create an environment which we would rather not be in.


Schools have large numbers of children and staff using the toilets and washroom areas and therefore it is quite right that we focus on the best hygiene solution standards for our schools.


So how do we achieve these hygiene solutions standards?

I recently visited a school where they had a problem with bad smells in the school toilets, and also they had a problem with the use of paper towels.


Hand Towels vs Hand Dryers

While paper is effective for drying your hands, they cause problems if the children throw them into the toilet or miss the bin and throw them on the floor. Not only does it look messy but it can accumulate and be an area where bacteria build-up as well as cause blockage problems for the facilities/estates manager.

To address this issue, I recommended a cost effective, durable hand dryer, which was installed and maintained by us on a rental service agreement.


Air Purifier vs Air Freshener

In order to get rid of the bad smell in the school toilets, I recommended the installation of an Air Purifier unit. This unit could actually kill 99% of the bacteria that caused the bad smell in the air and all surfaces in the school toilet. This is a much better solution than an Air Freshener unit which only masks the bad smell with a fragrance.


Many schools maybe unsure about new and innovative technology, and  whether to go to the expense of something 'unknown': what if it doesn’t work and the school has spent its budget? My colleagues and I are now accustomed to installing a Air Purifier on a FREE TRIAL, so that we can test whether it solves the bad smell problem – that's how confident we are!


These are my notes for this actual Case Study: 

hygiene_solutions_school_toilets   “I had an appointment with Alan, the business manager, at Winterbourne School, where we discussed the problems he had with hygiene solutions. We arranged a second visit and I returned with a free trial unit, because Alan liked the idea of cleansing the air rather than hiding or masking the smell with an air freshener unit.


Soon after, an appointment at Beulah Junior School was also booked and it seemed they had similar problems.  David at Beulah School was interested to hear that Winterbourne School had similar issues, and the problems had been resolved with our products & services. In fact Winterbourne School was so delighted with the outcome of their free trial, that they decided to sign up for the Air Purifier, Hand Dryers and other hygiene solutions from Mint that they needed.


David at Beulah Junior School spoke about the continual bad smell in the boy’s washroom and asked whether our Air Purifier unit would resolve this? I put David in touch with Alan, and as a result of the great review from Winterbourne School, Beulah School decided to go ahead with our services.”



In summary, if you would like assistance with deploying effective hygiene solutions for your school toilets, please contact Mint Hygiene's washroom and waste services. We can provide you with the benefit of our experience through a Free Consultation, where appropriate, a Free Trial of new technology, and most importantly recommendations from other clients!


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