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Hygiene Control | Airborne bacteria eliminated by Air Steril

Posted by Cindy Sanchez on 6 Jan, 2015

Restaurants, offices, cinemas, schools, nurseries and especially Healthcare faclities are some of the places where the appearance of bacteria can be difficult to control. The challenge for hygiene control is to stop the spread of bacteria causing illness and bad odour.  It has been scientifically proven that bacteria can multiply from one to more than 8 million in less than 24 hours, so infections are rapidly spread when transferred by the touch of contaminated objects.

Bad odours can also have a negative impact on your business and affect sales and profit. In Healthcare it may attract poor Care Quality Commission reports, and with the number of patients, visitors and workers in your building; airborne bacteria can easily cause infection that will rapidly be transmitted from one person to another, making hygiene control difficult.


Frustratingly standard cleaning procedures only offer temporary solutions. As soon as the area is cleaned and re-used, the bacteria returns and grows at a fast rate bringing the airborne bacteria and bad smell back. You try everything from deep cleaning, strong air fresheners, opening windows, installing a fan and even lighting a candle but this only masks the bad smell.

Offensive odours are created by airborne bacteria and volatile organic compounds found in the air; viruses, mould and fungi carried in contaminated air are deposited on exposed surfaces making enclosed rooms very unhygienic for most people.

What is the Hygiene Control solution?

An innovative new air purifiers technology, Air Steril, works by combining UV, ozones and other technologies to kill surface and airborne bacteria as well as other pathogens such as viruses, mould, spores, dust mites and allergens.

Air Steril units do not make any sound or give any particular smell which is handy when you cannot satisfy everyone when it comes to using air fresheners. It only aims to leave the air fresh to breath. The easy to install Air Steril units are very effective at purifying the air and getting rid of unwanted smells.

How effective is Air Steril at Hygiene Control?

The Health Protection Agency's laboratories at Porton Down performed efficacy tests which showed the Air Steril units kill up to 98% of bacteria, viruses and fungi not only in the air but also in the surfaces near it, including MRSA.

For further information on how you can stop the spread of airborne bacteria in your building, please talk to our washroom and waste services consultants.

Authored by Cindy Sanchez of Mint Hygiene Ltd


Topics: Healthcare, All Washrooms

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