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Posted by Sue Harling on 10 Mar, 2015

It is easy to see why hygiene services are a must in hotels, restaurants and other hospitality businesses. So to find a company that specialises in and takes responsibility for your hygiene services, including the removal of waste and the provision of air care, soap, sanitizers and matting is important. A good services provider should take responsibility for your washrooms, releasing time for your staff to focus on your customers and ensure they have an amazing experience during their visit. There is a saying “toilets are not on the high priority list until something goes wrong”. How true is this? Many establishments provide their clients with questionnaires to give feedback on their restaurant or hotel experience. This will include the washroom facilities and general hygiene of the establishment.

First Impressions!  How many times have you visited a hotel or restaurant and made a comment about the state of the toilets?


Did it put you off from:


1. Eating the food


2. Going there again


3. Or did you tell your friends about the poor facilities?


It does not take long for the word to spread that your washroom needs attention:

  • A few dirty paper hand towels that didn’t quite make the bin.
  • A bad smell that makes us want to leave before we have used the facilities
  • No sanitary Unit
  • Sanitary units that are overfilled
  • Tampons wrapped in toilet paper on the floor or floating in the toilet bowel.
  • No soap or sanitizer or empty units
  • Hand dryers that take more than a few minutes to dry the hands
  • Paper towel dispensers that are empty

Most establishments look for ways to improve these areas and create a washroom to be proud of while reducing the time spent by staff inspecting and changing hygiene products to ensure the washroom is of a high standard.


A great way to achieve this, is to engage a Hygiene Services company that specialises in the Hospitality sector. They will have experience of what hygiene products to recommend and the service delivery frequency to establish for best results. A Hygiene Consultant will think about how many guests and staff frequent your hotel or restaurant, and advise you in a number of areas:


Serviced Entrance Mats

80% of bacteria, grit and water is transported on our feet so do you have suitable serviced entrance mats or wet weather matting.

Matting in the kitchen areas may also be a need, around the wash up areas or in corridors around the kitchen where spillages may occur.

A very large percentage of accidents at work are attributed to slips and trips.


Soap Dispensers and Hand Sanitizers

Soap dispensers for hand washing and hand sanitizers are a very big part of food hygiene. So be guided by the recommendations of your Hygiene Consultant with experience of your industry when choosing hygiene products that are good for your business.


Sanitary Disposal Bins

Obviously the ladies washrooms needs sanitary disposal bins for waste disposal, but also choose a unit which fits in with your décor - ascetics are quite important for first impressions.


Air Fresheners and Air Purifiers

Earlier I touched on bad smells, this is something that not only leaves our guests uncomfortable but the one thing they will remember about the establishment.


There have been many studies and surveys carried out by Universities such as the University of Cardiff, University of Chicago and University of Stockholm to name but a few confirming that our sense of smell reminds us of things we like or do not like. Perhaps that is why our children will not eat certain foods not because they have tried them but because they do not like the smell of it. This stays in their memory bank well into adulthood. We even link a particular smell with people or places, although our ability to detect bacteria through our sense of smell is most important as it alerts our bodies to potential dangers. Although our sense of smell is feeble compared to animals, it is still very acute and we can recognise thousands of different smells, and able to detect odours even in infinitesimal quantities. The smelling function is carried out by two small odour detecting patches made up of millions of cells high up in the nasal passages.


The studies also measure diminished sense of smell and its association with our physical health. Women constantly out-perform men on all the tests of smelling ability. Their sensitivity aligned with the feeling of feeling ill from common environmental chemicals such as paint and perfume. Even heavily scented air fresheners can trigger some of these feelings of sickness. There are so many bad smells that can affect the washroom area that are transient and non-transient, e.g. bodily odours are transient and smell from drains are non-transient.


So you see why smell is so important! Please be guided by your Hygiene Consultant when choosing the right air care for you your business.


So how do we solve the smell issue?

If we just wish to mask a transient smell we can apply a nice fragrant air care unit.

However, if we try and cover a non-transient bad smell with a fragrance, the result is a pungent aroma.

Alternatively, we can apply an air purifier which gets rid of the bacteria that is the source of the bad smell. This will get rid off all smells (including fragrant air fresh) leaving the air clean and fresh.




So when choosing a Hygiene Services provider for your hospitality business it 's important to find one who is flexible to your needs; understands your budget constraints; has a good knowledge of what hygiene products are on offer in the current market; and more importantly the current Government legislation governing hygiene on business premises.


If you are reviewing hygiene services for your establishment and would like further information, please contact us and speak to one of our expert Hygiene Consultants.


Get expert help and arrange a FREE Hygiene Services Consultation


Authored by Sue Harling of Mint Hygiene Ltd


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