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Hygiene Supplies | Is your Order Process efficient and cost effective?

Posted by Ivan Torres on 18 Nov, 2014

Buying hygiene supplies on a regular basis, done badly, can be a waste in time and money. hygiene_supplies_1Ordering hygiene supplies can be a task performed by different individuals depending on the type and size of organisation.


The first thing is to make sure this task is allocated to the right individual. For example: facilities managers negotiate prices and deals but should not be tasked with the ordering process as there is a cost of opportunity missed if they do it. Why? Because the time they spend ordering could be used to reduce other costs and/or find better deals. Also, the cost per hour of a facilities manager is higher compared to an admin assistant.


Some companies delegate or sub-contract hygiene supplies ordering to their cleaning contractors. This is fine as long as the cleaning contractor is reliable and trustworthy; otherwise there is a risk associated with pilferage and over or under-stocking.


The Internet is enabling firms to achieve efficiencies by making the task of ordering washroom  hygiene_supplies_3supplies simpler and more straight-forward. Nowadays, you can order your hygiene supplies online and if you have a Trade Account with your supplier, you can get:


  • Discounted pricing
  • Special payment terms
  • Save time by having regularly purchased items saved online
  • Access your billing and order history
  • Even customise your favourite products (logos etc)

A simplified washroom supplies ordering process can be just a few clicks on your computer!


You don't need to be a large organisation to set-up a Trade Account. Usually, any organisation large or small (school, restaurant etc) that orders washroom supplies (paper towels, toilet tissue etc) on a regular basis can set-up a Trade Account.


There are organisations that are still buying washroom supplies from the local supermarket or on an ad hoc basis over the internet without accessing the benefits of a trade account. This ad hoc approach:

  • Increases the labour time and effort spent on ordering
  • Wastes money as a result of not finding the best products for your needs
  • Financial headaches as cash flow is tied-up when paying upfront, over or under-stocking etc.

Multiply this waste by the number of orders you process per year and the amount of waste could be considerable.


Next time you are ordering your washroom supplies, find an online supplier that is reliable, offers quick delivery terms, and special payment terms and pricing for trade accounts. Make sure the supplier is in your own country and also that they can be contacted by other methods than via email, e.g. phone, live-chat, post, etc. All the time, effort and money you’ll save through having a streamlined ordering process can be then re-invested in delivering your core business!


Contact us to find out more about setting-up a Trade Account.


Authored By Ivan Torres at Mint Hygiene Supplies.


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