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31 Oct, 2014

Mixed Recycling | New Waste Regulations for Business from Jan 2015

There is news on the mixed recycling front for all business that apply from January 2015.  From this date, UK waste regulations require business’s to separate recyclable material (paper, plastic, metal and glass) from other waste. This amendment to the EU framework Directive is to ensure improvement to the quality and quantity of recycling across the UK. This amendment affects household and business waste alike.


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24 Oct, 2014

Sanitary Bins | 7 Things You Need to Know

What sanitary bins are right for you?  Well that depends on your cubicle environment, your budget and who will be using your bins.


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16 Oct, 2014

Hand Dryers & Bacteria | Veltia V7 uses the latest technologies

[Featured Product]. Occasionally, it's good to showcase a single innovative product which is at the  forefront of it's technology, and the new V7 Veltia Hand Dryer is certainly a step forward.


Firstly, lets explore what hand dryers do: we know we need to dry our hand properly after washing, but it takes so long and we are in a hurry. Did you know that a lot of people do not wash their hands correctly? They do not take off their rings or wash between their fingers or even use soap. Bacteria under these circumstance are still present on the hands. Bacteria and germs grow on warm damp surfaces (namely our hands) so unless we ensure our hands are completely dry in the time we have available, bacteria will still be on our hands and anything else we touch and can begin to grow at an alarming rate.

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2 Sep, 2014

Hygiene Services | Impact of Uric Acid on your Urinal


Knowledgeable and efficient hygiene services for your urinals ensure both a pleasant environment, that appeals to customers and other users, and also maintains your washroom's fixtures and fittings: avoiding or postponing expenditure on refurbishment. That's a big claim! Lets look at the impact of Uric Acid in urinals.


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13 Aug, 2014

Washroom Hygiene | How to control spread of Bacteria and Viruses

Good washroom hygiene, through the availability of the right bathroom equipment and correct use, is a great way to control the spread of Bacteria and Viruses.  Don't forget, your waste body matter does contain lots of germs, E. coli being one of them.


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29 Jul, 2014

Toilet Tissue Dispenser | How to choose one best suited to your needs


When choosing toilet tissue dispensers, various factors have to be taken in to consideration such as:

  • Cost
  • Maintenance
  • Appearance
  • Hygiene
  • Tissue consumption
  • Building capacity
  • Size of washroom
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22 Jul, 2014

Baby Changing Stations | Key tips for selection and installation


Baby Changing Stations are important for parents visiting your premises, and are a necessity in the Hospitality sector and other premises with public bathrooms. Since the 1990s, it has become common place for businesses and organisations to provide baby changing tables in female and now often in male bathrooms that are used by the public.


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3 Jul, 2014

Sanitary Disposal Bins and Sanitary Waste Regulations


Sanitary waste is a controlled waste and must be disposed of under strict legislation. There is   a responsibility for all businesses of any size to adhere to applicable legislations for the welfare of their employees, visitors and customers. This includes every business from offices, restaurants, shopping centres to schools, even if there is only a single female present at the premises.


Sanitary waste disposal is governed by the following sanitary waste law

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