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Sanitary Bins | Are automatic or manual sanitary disposal bins best?

Posted by Natasha Kulinski on 24 Nov, 2014

Sanitary bins come in a variety of shapes and sizes but a key area of discussion is the benefits of using manual or automatic sanitary bins.


The aim of any type of sanitary bins are to ensure the waste is disposed of with as little cross-contamination as possible. With this in mind there is a clear case for the hands-free units to be a great benefit to customers as it completely nullifies the need to touch the unit.


Reducing cross-contamination is essential for any organisation not just because people will feel more comfortable using the sanitary bins but also because it will reduce sickness in the workplace saving money for the company too.


The main downside of the automatic sanitary bins is that it is reliant on batteries. This incurs a higher cost and disposal of batteries may not be eco-friendly.


When deciding which sanitary disposal bins are best for your workplace you need to consider the following: 

- Working Environment

- Users

- Footfall



Working Environment

How will the sanitary disposal bins look in your washrooms – whether or not you want a more high tech option like the hands free that will provide a more pleasant experience for your users, or whether the standard pedal unit is more appropriate.



You should consider the users of your sanitary disposal bins, if your staff have any special needs that restrict their usage of the pedal or automatic sensor this should be considered. Braille can also be requested on units if needed.



This will really determine the type of sanitary disposal bins you require. If there is heavy footfall in your workplace then having a pedal unit maybe a preferable option to avoid additional cost of replacing batteries and monitoring of the units.


Have a look at our own selection of stylish and cost effective sanitary disposal bins.


Finally, it's not enough just to have bins in your cubicles, you also need to find a waste services company to regularly collect and safely dispose of the waste in compliance with Sanitary Waste Laws.


If you are unsure about what is best for your organisation, it's always a good idea to speak to one of our Washroom and Waste Services Consultants who, have experience of applications in different sectors, such as Education, Hospitality, Offices and much else.


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Authored by Natasha Kulinski at Mint Hygiene Ltd


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